How To Volumize Your Hair With Hairspray


Getting fullness and healthy volume on the hair is the dream of all women. When your hair appears thick and voluminous, it reflects the healthy condition. But people who are born with sleek and thin hair love to get that cherished fullness on their hair. Some people suffer from excess hair fall that makes their hair appear thin and unhealthy. If you are also looking for effective ways for adding volume without damaging further, then you are at the right place.

Fine hair is tough to manage. Because they are thinner in diameter as compared to healthy strands, they are more vulnerable to damage from our external environment and more brittle. It can easily lead to hair fall problems. Therefore, it is crucial to take extra good care of them.

First and foremost, wash your hair with care as they get tangled easily. This problem can be reduced by not scrunching your hair up to the scalp when shampooing. Lather and massage them down gently using your palms and fingers. Use a volumizing shampoo to add volume and life to your fine, limp tresses. This can be followed up with a volumizing hair mask treatment to double the effect. Stay clear of the hairspray conditioner as they make hair absorb moisture, becomes thick and hence, limper.

After shampooing, squeeze dries your hair first before using a towel to dab it dry. Again, no scrunching as wet hair is very delicate and can be damaged or broken easily when tugged.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the correct hairspray forĀ  your specific type of hair. When this happens, having a website to find related information is crucial in order to make the best decision. Hair Spray Guide is a web site that is dedicated to writing the best hairspray reviews, don’t forget to visit it before going to the shop to buy a new hairspray.

Blow dry from the roots out. This is to lift up your hair to give it more shape and body. When your wet hair is almost dry, use a wide-teethed comb to brush gently.

For great looks when you are out, get a volumizing hairspray. Besides that, try to keep your hair free from product application as they tend to weigh down your tresses even more.

Hair tools can help to give the illusion of voluminous hair as well. Try bumps to give your hair more thickness near the top of your scalp. Use large velcro rollers all over your hair, and concentrate those near the roots to inject some body and bounce to your otherwise dull-looking hair. Tease your locks by grabbing sections of them and comb them inwards towards the scalp, then spritz some hairspray to create desired looks. You can also go for hairstyles that are more suitable for fine hair. For instance, bobbed-hair, straight cuts/ chopped looks or mid-length hairstyles.

For more permanent results, curl your hair for the proof or add hair extensions to thicken your locks. However, do be wary as extensions may damage your natural hair without proper care since they are tied to your real hair.

Different solutions may be suitable for different people, so before you do anything to your hair, understand the condition of your hair before making any decisions!

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