Cold meals for lunch – Ideas for you


With September comes lunch box meals and brown bag choices. Summer gave us the rainbow colored fruits of the season served sliced, cold, and in their natural glory. No one really wants to leave this healthy, bright and tasty way behind when schedules begin anew and time gets a bit tighter and more hectic.Fruit is still a great choice whether you are an adult or you are preparing a lunch for a child or significant other. It is moist, colorful, and just plain fun to nibble on. Being a refreshing part of any meal, it brings back energy and gives a boost to the afternoon activities. Fresh, in season, is always the first choice but “mixing” an “matching” does give variety and a “change” to whatever other goodies are in that bag or box.


Blueberries and sliced peaches love to be together. Watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew add texture, and icy goodness. If packed extra cold, they will stay nice and frosty until lunch time beckons. Raspberries and pears tantalize those taste buds and give color to a sand-wich or muffin. When you pack fruit you can give some goodies right along with it. Coconut or tiny marshmallows, nuts if diets and allergies allow, and even a sprinkling of cinnamon will make lunch time a great time.Grapes are always welcome, but black or red rasp-berries, strawberries hulls, a handful of blueberries, or blackberries are a finger food and can be eaten while reading that great novel or brushing up for next class. Think about freezing berries, placing in a container with a cover, and by noon, they are eating ready and extra refreshing. Candied fruit or dried fruit are all the dessert needed on still warm fall days.

When you think fruit as part of any packed lunch, the choices are as endless as the welcome that comes with each bite. Moist, naturally sweet, and just plain good are three things that make brown bag or box lunches something to look forward to. Summer ending does not have to be the end to fruit with a meal, even if away from home. Pack it and enjoy the pleasures of the season a bit longer.

In this type of economy our incomes seem to be getting lower across the board. There are many ways that you can save money and there have been thousands of articles written on this exact topic. I always find it interesting that most advice is on how to pay less but not on how to completely think differently.Instead of using coupons and signing up for memberships to get daily lunch deals why not just pack your own lunch. Throughout the history and all countries worldwide it has been normal to make food and bring it with yourself to eat. It seems that large fast food corporation have done a real good job with making sure that we think of them as the only options of getting our mid day meal.

What I have noticed is that people are very used to going out and the only variable is the price of the restaurant. Depending on the financial situation people either goes to a diner, restaurant or a fast food outlet. The percentage of folks that actually bring their own food is so small that it is actually a bit scary. The only way to know what you are eating is by having control over the food. It is not only the fact that there is a significant savings in cash by bringing your own lunch to work, but also that it is the only way to have complete control over your diet. Weight is a huge issue in this country and it definitely would not hurt anybody to at least consider the option.The thing about fast food is that it is not healthy and it definitely is not fast. It takes time to get to the outlet, get the food, eat it and get back to work. On top of it the quality of the meal is bad as these places like to pile up ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat into their menu selections.

As a side note, if you want to have a better time while cooking your cold meals, you must have certain types of accessories in your kitchen. A good knife is essential to make you cooking easier. The only problem with knives is that they loose they shape very easily, to prevent this happening you yours, you can make use of knife sharpeners. In case all of this is happening to you, you can visit Http:// to read insightful reviews on electric knife sharpeners and start saving time sharpening you knives today.

The alternatives are there, and I can understand perfectly why not many want to use a brown bag to carry their lunch. It does not keep food cold, safe or has an elegant look to it. This could create the opinion that you are cheap and have other co-workers look down on you and this is not what we are shooting for.The most viable options out there are either lunch coolers, tin lunch boxes or metal lunch boxes. The difference between coolers and the boxes are that the coolers put emphasis on keeping the food cold while the boxes on making sure that the food does not get crunched up in your bag. They are great to use and I have both kinds which I used depending on the occasion.

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